You may find that once you’ve downsized or decluttered that you have items that have value but you are no longer using. Our experts can help. We can assist in a variety of ways to help get top dollar! Popular items include sports collectibles, novelty collectibles, and clothing. We also accept jewelry but would refer this to a certified gemologist for review and inspection. Note that all items to be sold must be shipped to our central location in Maryland so, in order to be cost effective, the items must be small or mid-sized and have more than nominal value.

  • We run our own eBay store with almost 3,000 positive reviews. We are experts in many collectibles.

  • We also have an extensive background in selling clothing, shoes and accessories on eBay and Poshmark from high end designer purses and handbags to every day casual wear.


Costs & Fees: 

  • Costs include all expenses related to the sale such as third-party fees, vendor payment fees and/or credit card fees, packaging materials, insurance, taxes, and shipping. Those costs normally run around 25%.

  • Our fees are only 25%-30% depending on which third-party vendor is used, making our rate much lower than industry standard. The goal is to allow you to keep as close to 50% of the gross profit as possible. Excessive shipping costs or lower-than-expected sale prices could affect your profit margin but we’ll do our best to keep costs and fees to a minimum.

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