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Why Us?: Training, Insurance, Background Checks, and more!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We all have things we need to work on.... our personal relationships, perhaps you don't enjoy your job, don't see friends enough, need to lose weight or want to travel more. Unsurprisingly, having these unrealized goals often manifests in having an untidy house. We see time and again that dissatisfaction in one area creates a need in and around your home. We at ORGNZE can't solve for many of life's dilemmas, but we can provide a calm and peaceful space at home to give you the freedom to plan and accomplish your goals.

I know I need to get more organized but why hire a professional?

All of us have offered advice to someone at some point. Then we turn around and when faced with a similar problem, can’t follow our own sound logic. The same things apply when organizing or re-organizing your home. Sometimes we want someone else to give us the little push we need, see things differently or simply give us permission to throw away a few things that have been collecting dust for decades. Another concern when hiring anyone, not just Clutterbusters, is bringing a stranger into your home. Rest assured, every ORGNZE employee has gone through a professional, criminal background check via SentryLink. We are licensed to do business, fully insured by highly-rated AmTrust, and bonded with A+ rated insurer Hiscox. Ask us for a copy of any of our insurance documents and we encourage you to ask this of all service providers working in your home. Most home organizers simply put up a website and don't have any training, licensing, or insurance. Your home is your largest investment, it is worth protecting your home by hiring a professional organization who takes your security seriously. Your family is priceless. Why risk it?

A four hour session with ORGNZE may be all you need to get started on a more serene and peaceful home. If you need more, we are available 7 days a week.

We will give you a little nudge, but never, ever judge.


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