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Moving boxes & supplies...

Buy Your Boxes and Supplies Here!

You can provide your own boxes and/or supplies for us to use or we will provide our own high-quality, competitively-priced items to ensure you are securely packed for your move.

All include FREE shipping!

We will ship the boxes directly to you so they will be ready when the organizer(s) arrive. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for unused boxes or supplies.

How many boxes will I need?

To give you an idea, if you have an average amount of belongings (that means you're neither a minimalist nor a pack rat), you have 3 bedrooms, and there are 4 people living in your house we recommend:


25 small boxes

40 medium boxes

24-36 large boxes

10 extra-large boxes

10 book boxes (more if you are moving a large number of books)

6-9 wardrobe boxes

4-6 rolls of bubble wrap (you'll probably need more than you think)

2-4 package of packing paper

1-2 stretch wraps

6 rolls of packing tape

lamp boxes (size and quantity based on your needs)

frame boxes (size and quantity based on your needs)

television boxes (size and quantity based on your needs)

Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box

In addition to the items we sell above, it's also helpful to have the following items on hand:

Markers (Sharpies) and pens

Utility knife

Rubber bands

Small Ziploc plastic bags

Basic tool kit (including screwdrivers, hammer, wrench, Allen wrenches, etc.)

Labels (if you want to be fancy)

Scotch tape

Post-Its (sticky notes)


Carpet protector film

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