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  • Our number #1 question…Should I be embarrassed
    Don’t be. Everyone has something in their life that needs a little help. We are here to nudge, not judge.
  • Our number #2 question…How much does it cost?
    Our services are totally affordable: For Atlanta and Houston the fee is $55 per organizer per hour for basic home organizing and $65 per organizer per hour for packing & unpacking services. ​ For Los Angeles the fee is $75 per organizer per hour for basic home organizing and $75 per organizer per hour for packing & unpacking services. Garage/SheShe/Storage Units have a $10 per hour surcharge We require a credit card on file (following all PII protocols) or a 50% deposit payable in advance for estimated hours with a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Whew…I feel better. What do I need to do?
    As with every journey…take the first step. Schedule a free, no obligation introductory consultation. We ask that you email a few pictures of your project to help us design a customized plan just for you. Our consultations are done via text, email, or telephone. We can also do a video chat if you want to walk us through your project. Schedule an initial four-hour session. We recommend starting with four hours, which is our minimum. Most of our clients find that it is easy to do in smaller increments but it’s totally up to you…we can schedule as many hours as you like. Pick one room to organize. The thrill of seeing one room go from chaos to calm is a great place to start.
  • How long will it take?
    Our clients see an improvement after one four-hour session, however most of our clients require multiple sessions. This isn’t a quick fix. We are here to create a space and a system that you can maintain. We will let you know after our first session how many more sessions we think you may need.
  • Are you insured?
    Absolutely! ORGNZE is fully insured. We are insured for breakage and damage. While ALL our organizers are thoroughly background checked, we carry a Surety Bond for your piece of mind. We also care about our employees, so we provide Workers Compensation to them at no extra charge. We assume all the liability. If you decide to hire organizers from a different company - or a do-it-yourselfer – please, please, please make sure they are insured, or you could be liable if an accident occurs in your home!
  • Need to cancel? We have a cancellation policy
    Our organizers are often schedule a week in advance. We kindly request that you please cancel by 10 am the day before to avoid a two-hour cancellation fee.
  • Why pay someone to do this?
    The one thing you can never get back is time and we help free that up for you! Help gain space and peace in your home. We do all the heavy lifting. We are also professionals - we are trained and come ready to tackle any job, quickly and efficiently.
  • How do I pay?
    We accept all major credit cards via our secured payment portal. We send a bill via email to our clients at the end of each workweek at which time payment is due.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    We generally start at 10 am to avoid rush hour traffic. However, we can come in earlier and stay later. It's up to you. We work 7 days a week for your convenience.
  • Is it one person or a team?
    We can have one organizer come out and work with you or a team! Our rates are per person per hour (for example, if 2 people work for 4 hours each, we would bill you for 8 hours). We explain all our charges in our confirmation email.
  • Are sessions confidential?
    Yes! We respect your privacy 100%. We also NEVER sell our client list.
  • What do I need to purchase before our session?
    Like so much in life, it depends. Do not buy containers in advance. We find that most people have a lot of these items already. We will make recommendations after our first session about what you may want to buy to help maintain your new organized space. We ask that you have boxes or large contractor bags available to help sort your items. We can also make recommendations. See the “Things We Love” page on our website for more ideas. ​ If we are working in your office, we recommend file folders or hanging files. ​ If we are organizing your closet, we suggest buying hangars that are all the same to create a uniform look.
  • Do you sell organizing items?
    This is not our focus, but we have some items on our “Things We Love” page as suggestions. We also highly recommend that you take a stroll down to your local "The Container Store", "IKEA", or similar establishment that sells storage items. You can get a sense of size and quality in person that you can't get through online photos.
  • What are your travel fees?
    Generally, none. Parking, toll fees, travel time, mileage and gas included in our hourly rate within our standard service area. If you fall outside that area, we will provide a travel quote for your approval. You must approve the extra charges in advance.
  • In decorating, is it true that "if it's not a right-angle it's a wrong angle?"
    Quite often, yes! However, other acceptable angles are 45-degrees of 33.3-degrees. Symmetry is important in presentation so limit items to these three basic angles…and only on the rarest of occasions should you mix-and-match angles in one area.
  • Many "After" photos feature designs that are minimalist or spartan. Does my house have to be minimalist to be organized?
    No, absolutely not! In fact, you can keep collections or items in great quantities and still be organized. Like a bookcase with hundreds of books, a ticket box with concert and sports tickets, or a storage room filled with crafting supplies. Instead of having piles of books throughout the house, confine them to one specific area and arrange them creatively. The same goes for tickets; rather than having them stuffed into various drawers in your bedroom, keep them all together in a shadow box. Crafting supplies can be kept in separate containers but stored in the same location and, of course, boxes should always be neatly labeled. (see photos below.)
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