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Whenever you need help in your home, from ORGNZE or any other contractors, ensure they carry insurance, including General Liability, Workers Comp and a Surety Bond. At ORGNZE we offer all three and are happy to provide proof of insurance to any client or potential client. Did you know that a homeowner can be sued if a contractor is hurt while on the homeowner’s property. Unfortunately, an uninsured contractor may be cheaper because they do not have insurance, however, the cost to you can be higher if the contractor reports a claim to your homeowner’s policy. Without proper insurance you are assuming all the risk if someone is injured or commits theft. At ORGNZE we background check all our employees via a national recognized leader in employment pre-screening and we train and re-train on safe work practices. We do not hire anyone with a criminal history. Making an informed decision is the best way to guarantee a quality outcome. 

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