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Sue R.

I wish I had made this decision years earlier. My house was not a place I enjoyed being in. After having 4 kids, three back to back that are under 5, it had not only taken its toll on my energy but also my home. We had so much stuff, and nothing had a place. I had so many clothes (most that had been outgrown) taking up all my room upstairs. I wanted to fix it, but it had gotten to the point where I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I also don’t have a lot of money, and so I needed it to be priced for someone like me, not a Buckhead resident. And I found the perfect solution in Orgnze Atlanta. They came in with smiles, no judgement to my mess, and left making my house a home. Thank you Kem and James for being such amazing professionals and just taking over for me!

Kristin A.

I was feeling overwhelmed after moving and I still needed to unpack! I made the decision to hire ORGNZE and it was the best decision I made in the whole moving process. Ken and James organized the master bedroom, bath, and unpacked my kitchen. They were thoughtful about what I needed and respectful of my things, and they are both funny and fun to work with! I decided they were my ORGNZE fairy godparents! I will definitely hire them again. If you’re packing, moving, spring cleaning, or just need to get better organized run don’t walk to hire this company! The peace of mind alone is worth it!

Amelia W.

Kem is excellent at helping with the decluttering and organizing my home. I can actually see my furniture and floors now.

Jae J.

Needed help packing up my house for future move. Organz Atl. Provided a wonderful professional to help me. Everyone was so nice to work with. Def give them a call!

April T.

Kem was awesome! I needed help unpacking and organizing my closet. She is definitely skilled in compartmentalism and had fresh ideas on where things should go. She was quick and professional!

Amanda C.

My first contact with Gina was wonderful. She is a professional, knows her job, thoroughly educated the consumer what they do, process of organizing, what to expect. I learned so much! I am not a hoarder; I squirrel If I don’t know where to put something or I think I might want something, I push it into a cupboard, a closet or a drawer, to the side of appliances, behind bookcases etc. I am downsizing due to age. I don’t need entertainment things anymore. I don’t need all these linens for guests who don’t come anymore except rarely (moved away or grew up). Tim Daley came in and bagged and boxed and hauled and cleaned and sorted with me. He was meticulous, detailed. Instantly assessed a situation, discusses your druthers with you and moves forward. I am having him and Gina via Orgnze return. Deeply joyfully satisfied.

Kayla X.

Really really awesome

Samantha S.

Thank you so much for organizing my closet and office! Susanna was great!!! She really helped me think of ways to organize and we both made the dream work!! She also was human and understood where I was coming from! Highly recommend !!

Archana C.

Used them twice to organize my kitchen first and then mudroom and few other cabinets here and there. Great, clean work. My space looks so much better and it's so easy to find things now. Thank you.

Shayrea C.

Caroline was GREAT!

John D.

Thank you so much for organizing our garage and closets! I can't believe how much better it is!

Dominique B.

James did an awesome job organizing me and my son’s closet. I highly recommend using Orgnze.

Elizabeth L.

Molly was amazing!

Avon F.

Very pleasant, very professional!

Audrey J.

Our organizer was amazing! She was so nice, professional, and willing to help in any way. I’m so happy I hired ORGNZE and will definitely be hiring for my next project!

Jocelyn G.

Natalie is awesome! Would love to use her again. Very professional!

Heather W.

So much was accomplished in such a short amount of time! I’m overjoyed with the results and house and heart feel lighter and happier! Highly recommend to anyone! Everyone can benefit getting ORGNZE’d :)

Doug M.

Laura was able to assemble a team on short notice. I was some what skeptical as this was the first time I had used ORGNZE about the quality of their work. The 4 ladies were very prompt, went to work straight away and required minimal supervision. They only stopped for a break once the entire day. I was so impressed by their work that I’m having them return in the very near future.

Carol M.

My experience was wonderful! Kem was my assigned organizer and she was so great to work with. I needed help organizing and getting rid of a lot of things. She helped me over a 4 week period a few times a week. I have been able to maintain the organization she put in place for me and am much more conscious about keeping everything where they belong. I never had places for everything and she helped so much. I’ve even referred her to a friend of mine and she did a great job helping her as well. Scheduling with the main office was always easy and they were very flexible working with my schedule. I would recommend this company and Kem to anyone else looking for organization help. It’s well worth the time and money and I wish I had done it a long time ago.

Brittany A.

James was absolutely amazing. So amazing that I had to send him a personal message afterwards to thank him for his amazing services. He was on time, full of energy and life, very personable and such a great help. He literally packed up my 1br apartment I 4 hours and had everything labeled and organized. Unfortunately I wasn’t of much help, but I tried LOL! Again I truly want to thank you all for your help during my time of need, this move would have chaotic without James!!

Charity D.

Working with Michelle was such a joy! Generally when organizing, joy is the last thing we feel during the process but that’s just how amazing she was. She walked in and got right to work. I was pretty tired from a long week of moving so I was not sure of a vision for how I wanted things organized. Michelle was able to suggest organizational tips throughout the course of the day. There were things she recommended I purchase, but she was also creative and able to use what I had in our home. The before and after was amazing and I felt relieved by the end of our time together. Hiring people on here sometimes isn’t easy because you aren’t sure what kind of professional you may get, but when looking for an organizer, give Orgnze Atlanta a shot! If her schedule allows, definitely request Michelle and you will not be dissatisfied with her work. She will go above and beyond what you are asking and will easily find solutions to make your space better. Thanks, Michelle! And thanks, Orgnze Atlanta!!!

Graig M.

I contacted Orgnze and they came out within two days of first contact. They spent almost six hours organizing my entire garage that had been daunting me since my family moved about four months ago. The sense of relief once they were done was well worth the cost. I definitely recommend their services.

Eric S.

Orgnze saved the day! From my first contact with the manager to the moment my garage was finished I could not have been more pleased. Everyone was friendly and professional and the quality of the work completed was outstanding. My organizers vision for the space was nothing short of genius! Professional organizing and Orgnze in particular is the thing you didnt know you needed! Best money I have spent in a very long time!

Doug M.

ORGNZE supplied three organizers on fairly short notice to unpack 100 plus boxes after a move. The boxes contained china, crystal, silver ware, every day dishes, cook ware. There were numbers boxes of artwork, mirrors and decorative item. The ladies were very mindful of the items and took proper care. I was so impressed by the ladies work ethics that I’m using them in the near future.

Kathy P.

I needed some help organizing my kitchen, the response was very quick and the appointment was set up quickly and professional. Molly came right on time and just got to work on my project and in no time my entire kitchen was totally organized! She was very friendly and professional, I would highly recommend her and Orgnze for your organization needs. This is a great company very honest and professional. I will defiantly have them back! Thanks so much Molly for all your help you are great!

Georgia L.

Great experience, I didn't feel rushed or judged and they did a wonderful job.

Yolanda K.

Kem was outstanding! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Joan K.

Awesome help! Fast, helpful, and so nice!

Niela H.

Team that came was very professional and very helpful.

Karla C.

Molly was amazing! She was fast, efficient and brought a lot of experience and expertise to packing and organizing my move. I’m so grateful to have found her and Orgnze! I highly recommend!

Stephanie B.

Movers simply threw my furniture in my storage unit. But I found Orgnze and they cleared everything out and organized it to the point I could walk around.

Rena S.

Tim was very helpful. He worked with me to get a large closet of items organized. He also helped to secure the shelves better and ensure items I used most often are easy to get to.

Geri B.

Molly was excellent. Really helped organize that room, a task which felt overwhelming for me.

Jackie C.

Both ladies I worked with were very professional. I thought they did a great job. I’ll use them again when I move. Thank you so much.

Ed L.

Good value!

Alison G.

Kem was great. Early to show up. She got my closet done. And now I have been able to go back thru and get rid of anything else I might not want. I think she would like to see the progress I have made since she left. Thank you so much for getting me on track. She's great!

Caroline B.

From beginning to end, this was a fantastic experience. We were overwhelmed by our basement and the professional organizer sent by ORGNZE was thorough and actually listened to what we wanted. Worth every penny! I'd hire them again.

Ericka M.

I can't thank you guy's enough for coming through with such short notice! Kem did a fantastic job organizing my kitchen, removing items from my boxes and setting this up for me. She went above and beyond! To be honest, I didn't realize that there was a service to help with unpacking AND organizing. I just took a chance. I was really impressed with the initial communication from Laura. This has helped me tremendously. Due to extensive back pain, having to do this alone was overwhelming and painful. I don't know what I would have done with the help. I will definitely be using this service again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Tammy G.

I AM SOLD!! Hiring this company was definitely one of my better choices! I initially was a bit skeptical because honestly, my garage was horribly disorganized and disheveled - embarrassing. I sent a list of my needs along with shamefully submitting pics of my garage. However, she quickly put me at ease and connected me with one of the professional organizers. She is a MAGICIAN with a genuine talent for compartmentalization in her organization process, very professional, and a kind spirit - THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED! She got my vision and executed it with excellence and professionalism, but she also was a self-starter, anticipating my needs - that was HUGE! With her help, my garage transitioned from overwhelming to “Oh my - I can see!” Do yourself a favor and hire Orgnze! They know what they are doing.

Chris L.

These guys were awesome. I was last minute and they came out in a Sunday and knocked it out. Polite, Professional, and did an excellent job.

Brandy B.

The team worked very hard to pack up my kitchen and office. I had a lot of items that needed to be packed and they took care to make sure everything was packed and labeled correctly.


Getting last minute help to unpack our boxes was important so my husband could work from home the next day. So glad we hire Organze to help unburdened the task of unpacking!

Jill B.

I am so thankful I hired Orgnze. They were so professional and thorough. The 2 must have worked together before because they knew what to anticipate at every step of the packing. Highly recommend them.

Christian S.

Caroline and her assistant were awesome. My fiancé and I merged households, and we had to have our storage room organized. It was an absolute mess. They were punctual, professional, and the quality of work was great. I will be using ORGNZE in the future for another project.

Chantel M.

Great job thanks for everything. Will call you again for more projects soon. Thanks.

Tamara L.

ORGNZE was awesome. They were timely and professional. They did everything from emptying the pantry to cleaning it. I plan on using them again and again for other rooms in my house. I feel lucky to have found them. Really easy-going and stress-free.

Milbrey C.

Highly recommend this company!

Eric S.

I had a great experience. Everything went smooth from start to finish. I would definitely recommend them to others and use them again in the future.

Camille J.

I used ORGNZE to help me organize my kitchen. Susanna was my organizer and she did an amazing job! My kitchen is organized and I couldn't be happier. I'm glad I found ORGNZE and would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional organizer. Thank you!

Anita T.

This was a great experience and I’ve very pleased!!

Rocky P.

Gina's team did a great job with a huge project. We were all exhausted at the end, but both team members stayed upbeat and positive and worked extra hard to ensure my goals were met. Highly recommend!

Amber B.

So friendly and responsive!!


Thank you for saving me time and more in doing my closet. Kem did an absolute fabulous job and I love it! Thank you!

Samme W.

Kem and James were amazing. Both were professional, courteous, punctual, efficient and careful. They are did a great job.

Kisha S.

Awesome work and awesome service

Anisha A.

James came through and helped us out through a very stressful and complicated move. He went above and beyond, and I am so very appreciative for everything. Thank you James for all your kindness and professionalism. You are awesome!

Kellie G.

Laura is great to work with. She sent a team of three people out. They showed up on time they pack the whole house up in eight hours they were friendly and great I would definitely recommend them to anybody

Dimple P.

I hired ORGNZE last minute to help me unpack from a stressful move. James literally made my house feel like home The moment he came in he was professional and the quality of his work and the time was amazing!!! He quickly packed all the boxes and organized everything where it belongs. He made my move easier. I highly recommend them. They made my move relaxed. James is literally the best thank you so much my kids will feel at home right away.


Team that came was very professional and very helpful.

Erikka W.

OUTSTANDING SERVICE!! I’m going to hire them for my teenage son’s room this summer and the garage this Spring. I could not imagine my master closet and art closet being so organized and orderly! I love the labels and color coding!

Betsy F.

Definitely recommend!! Great service

Yulander M.

I read ORGNZE's  reviews and decided to touch base. From my initial contact up until my appointment communication was consistent and thorough. My organizer Tim was extremely professional, went the extra mile, knew how to organize, worked in a timely manner, came prepared with things he needed to ensure my organization went well. I am Extremely Happy and Satisfied with ORGNZE! I recommend them for your organizing needs

Molly G.

Amazing! Natalie was the best!

Toni M.

Kem did a great job! I have hired Orgnze Kem twice and have another project soon. Kem has a great personality, she was punctual and knows how to organize. Great company!

Marlo K.

I was very impressed with everyone I worked with to retrieve my daughters college items from campus. Gina and staff went the extra mile to help pack and ship several boxes to us. I live in AZ and we went through what items we wanted ship and what items we wanted to leave behind. Everything was packed and shipped and we were all in contact throughout the process. Orgnze made a unexpected situation stress free.

Heidi S.

I was thrilled to work with Caroline as she helped me unpack and organize my belongings. I moved from a big house to a small townhouse and needed some clever changes in my closet and my kitchen. She was amazing and I will definitely use her again.

Marci G.

Worked very hard.

Bridget B.

Kem was fabulous! She was on time and worked hard to achieve the goal we had set. Our closet looks amazing and I would love to hire Orgnze again!

Sonia T.

Fabulous work!

Candis R.

Excellent Service Provider! Very detailed and efficient.

Karen S.

Amazing. Thoughtful and kind. Put me at ease.

Keyshuna C.

Natalie was amazing! She was a true professional. Put a smile on my moms face for her birthday. Already thinking of the next project.

Maya E.

I enjoyed working with ORGNZE! The organizers were punctual and worked diligently to get the job done. They were also very friendly! I would definitely use them again!

Tristen E.

Very quick responses to online inquiry. Made booking a breeze. My organizer, James, was FANTASTIC! He was a godsend. Very quick, efficient, and we'll organized. 100/100 would recommend!

Bonita E.

Caroline was extremely responsive to my needs which included last minute notice of date of delivery of cross country move. Workers Kim and James were diligent and knowledgeable. They made the most of the time and managed to be kind and fun too.

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