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WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY:  This is a physical job, you are not expected to wear business attire, but you should look neat and presentable.  Good hygiene creates the proper image as a Home Organizing professional. Please look neat and be properly groomed.  Ripped clothing, clothing with any writing, team insignias, messages, or advertisements are not permitted.  Our preference is dark pants, khakis or clean dark colored blue or black pants. Presentable jeans are acceptable. Please test your pants in advance by bending and stretching. Do they ride up or fall down? Please make sure your clothing is free from rips (even stylish intentional rips), stains, or tears.  In hot weather, shorts may be worn provided they are at least to mid-thigh and in the style of pants, e.g. no athletic shorts or pull on pants or shorts. Athletic pants and  shorts, yoga pants or leggings are not permitted. Please limit your jewelry so it doesn’t snag the clients belongings. You must wear clean, closed toe shoes. We suggest something comfortable and supportive like a sturdy sneaker or walking shoe. If you have a question, send a picture to the office and we will let you know if it meets the ORGNZE standard. ​


Hair and nails should be neat and clean. Do not use perfume or smelly soap before visiting a client as many people are allergic. Wear deodorant/antiperspirant at all times.

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