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You can apply for an ORGNZE job at the bottom of this page.


ORGNZE is currently looking for motivated women and men to train to become part-time organizers. If you are interested in pursuing this exciting, rewarding opportunity please continue reading and follow the instructions below. This is NOT a cleaning job...after you are fully trained and experienced you will be an Organizing Professional.

ORGNZE is a woman-owned business operating in Georgia, Texas, and soon in Florida. For these part-time independent contractor positions we provide workers compensation insurance and bonding for all contractors. Jobs include very competitive salaries with raises based on successful accomplishments, achievement, and/or certifications. Bonus pay is available for referrals and follow-on sales. Contractors are responsible for their own taxes and will receive a 1099-MISC form at year-end. A gig-economy job that’s great for stay-at-home moms or dads. 



  • Must complete comprehensive online and practical training, including testing

  • Physically fit, reliable, and on time 

  • Outgoing and enjoys working with other people 

  • Clean & hygienic 

  • Attention to detail; careful and meticulous 

  • Good decorating and organizing sense 

  • Positive, friendly outlook 

  • Honest, loyal, discreet, and free of any criminal background 

  • Enjoy helping others 

  • Must have reliable transportation 

  • Must have a smartphone and the ability to check-in and out on our mobile app 

  • Previous organizing experience a huge plus



The first step is to email us a copy of your resume and the completed ORGNZE questionnaire 


  1. Resume (or introductory background letter) & Questionnaire

  2. Interview

  3. Training and Test

  4. Completion of Background Check authorization form

    1. Successful background check with no criminal history​

  5. Completion of W2 form

  6. On-site test (if necessary)

  7. We also HIGHLY recommend you read/study as many home organizing books as possible, including "The Home Edit" which will be essential in your organizing journey.

  8. Finally you will receive three separate emails prompting you to enter your personal information into our 1) accounting system, 2) "Homebase" scheduling app/website, and 3) for direct deposit sign-up.

    1. On the Homebase app/website you need to ​enter and maintain your availability, updating it weekly so we know when you are available to be booked.


After your submit your resume and questionnaire, we will contact you to set-up your interview. Following the interview, you will receive the ORGNZE Training Manual which you will be required to thoroughly read and commit to memory. This will be necessary in order for you to successfully complete the written test. You may then be required to complete on-site training at a volunteer's home. If you successfully pass these steps we will conduct a criminal background check and, if it is 100% clear, we will send you paperwork to complete the hiring process. It may sound like a lot but it's really rather simple and, best of all, is a gateway to a new, rewarding experience! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Also see:  Resources for Current Employees

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