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6 items not to store in your kitchen cabinets, according to home organizers

Orgnze was recently featured in this article in Homes and Gardens.

Click on the link to read the article. Here is our contribution:


Finally, items that you tend not to use day to day should be cleared out and stored elsewhere. This could be cups and mugs that are sentimental but don't actually tend to be used for your morning coffee or a baking tray that only comes out at Thanksgiving.

Professional organizer Gina Hardin from recommends decluttering kitchen cabinets to avoid losing track of what you have and to prevent items from getting broken and dusty at the back of a cramped cabinet.

'Do not overstuff your cabinets. If you are ready to party at a moment's notice (and shouldn't we all be?) keep a few things handy like a serving platter,' she says.


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