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Purge Before Plastic

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

We love a finished product. We truly do. There are a lot of great options at The Container Store or at Amazon . There are a lot of companies selling all the things. And all the things look great. However, you must be committed to purging. A professional organizer helps you catalogue and control your inventory. You can shop your closet, you can avoid over-purchasing at Costco, you can save money! Organizers create something called backstock, where we pull all your excess together and store in your garage, storage room or closet. Shop here first. If you fall back on just hiding things in bins or boxes, you are not organizing, you are just putting a pretty bow on your old stuff. That’s just a pretty way to store future garbage.

Many people say, “But first, coffee.” We say, “But first, purging.” Ok, you can grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin and then get started. Throw away expired food and old make up (it doesn't last forever, especially mascara). Decide if you are really going to refinish your floors or repaint the den with that varnish or paint in the garage. Or, sadly, if those high school jeans no longer fit because you no longer have high school genes, then get rid of them. You need to let it go.

Once we have settled on the items worthy of time and space in your home, we decide the best and most efficient way to store them and we start creating the beautiful spaces you’ve dreamed of. We often suggest bins and baskets to keep everything together in your pantry. A few well placed baskets in your closet are a great alternative to tossing things on a chair if you don’t have time to immediately hang up your clothes. Let’s clean out the junk drawer so you’re using a real screwdriver instead of knife for those pesky projects around the house or worse, the heel of your shoe as a hammer. Or any other area.

And make everything look beautiful.

So, first purge. Then plastic (or lucite or wood).


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