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Reasons to Declutter your Atlanta Home- or anywhere!

We are pleased to share guest content from our Atlanta friends at STORsquare.

Decluttering your home can make a significant positive impact on orderliness, punctuality, social relationships, and wellness. Decluttering your home adds more space which is proven to increase peace and calmness, which is essential for creating a positive living environment.

Don’t confuse decluttering with tiding. Tiding is only putting things away when they're not in their correct place. Decluttering on the other hand happens when you remove items that are no longer useful to your life or home. Let's look a little deeper into some other benefits of starting on this wonderful journey.

It'll be easier to look after your home

When there's less things around, tidying up becomes so much easier. You'll spend less time cleaning and more time on whatever makes you happy.

You won't misplace things as often

There'll be fewer places where things can get lost and even if you do misplace something, it will be easier to find it. While you declutter, you'll probably come up with a new way of organizing your home that makes sense to you. This way, when you need something, you'll know exactly where to look.

Wooden hangers in a closet
Matching hangers !

You'll have more space

This is probably the most popular reason to go through the process. When you get rid of things you no longer need, your home will instantly feel bigger!

You'll always be ready for guests

If you have a surprise visitor, it shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes to get your home ready to receive them. If you find yourself feeling embarrassed when someone comes to your house, decluttering will absolutely help to make it a space to be proud of.

You'll be in a better mood

You won't only get rid of feelings of embarrassment as mentioned above, but your overall mood will improve. In fact, a study from UCLA found that "managing the volume of possessions was such a crushing problem in many homes that it actually elevated levels of stress hormones for mother". As you declutter, your home will become a much more peaceful environment from now on.

Home and driveway with STORsquare pod
Home owners enjoyng the benefit of a STORsquaree container

You'll spend less money in the future

Once you start feeling the benefits of living in a lighter space, you'll become more mindful about what you buy and bring into your home. You'll probably start thinking twice before making a purchase which will help you save for what really matters the most.

There are a ton of reasons to declutter your home and the benefits are huge. This doesn't mean it has to be a complicated process. If you are ready to start, we recommend renting a portable storage container. Temporary storage containers offer a convenient and flexible approach to tackle clutter while keeping your belongings safe and easily accessible. Units are delivered at your doorstep so you can easily sort and pack your belongings at your own pace.

STORsquare Atlanta offers sturdy and weather-resistant containers equipped with advanced security features to keep your possessions safe throughout the decluttering process. Best of all is you can choose from four different sizes depending on the magnitude of your project.

Opting for portable storage can also save you valuable time and money. Rather than making multiple trips to a storage facility dealing with the logistics of moving trucks you can have a temporary storage pod right at your home. This eliminates the need for transportation costs and allows you to efficiently declutter without interrupting your daily routine.

Man woman and dog smiling on the couch
Happy family and furry friend with an organized home

Ready to transform your decluttering experience in Atlanta? STORsquare is one of our partners at Orgnze. You can learn more about their services at and you can take $20 off your first container rental. All you have to do is mention our name at booking and they will give you our referral discount. You can also learn more about their mobile container solutions by calling 678-605-9129.


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