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Edit for Cash

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

We encourage our clients to shop their closet. You never know what you own till you clean your closet. You may have some lovely things but they are not part of your lifestyle anymore. Maybe you only WFH now? Maybe you've taken up a new exercise program and your clothes are too big? If you are like us, we moved from a colder climate to sunny Los Angeles and don't need 3-4 pairs of snowboots. If you want to make a little money, why not sell some of your items so other people might enjoy them? There are a couple of options. One easy route is dropping them off at a consignment store. They pull what they want and either donate or give back the rest. There are a lot of online companies that make it easy to sell from the privacy of your own home. You'll need to ship the items via USPS or UPS, but all you need is an account, some leftover boxes/shipping envelopes, packing tape, and a camera. You can take a few photos and list your item. Most of the websites have algorithms that help you get started with content and pricing. We've been top sellers on for many years along with Some of our clients use as well. Plenty of others with pluses and minuses.

If you have a penchant for luxury goods, we recommend The RealReal. The RealReal is the largest online luxury, sustainable fashion site in the world. They have luxury managers in most major cities- they bring the supplies, the know how and take away the guesswork. They know what sells and give you local ideas if your loved item isn't quite right for their site. You can also contact them and they will send a box to ship your items and will post, photograph, market and pay you a percentage when its done. The percentages vary based on items and your volume of items. Orgnze is an affiliate with The RealReal and has a virtual luxury manager who can help get you set up.

As always, we can edit, sort and purge as needed. We will also take your belongings to your charity of choice within a 7 mile radius of your home. Ask us for more ideas to declutter your closet and edit for cash!


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