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What to expect when you're expecting.... AN ORGANIZER Tips for Successful Organizing Session...

Peace of Mind Knowing your Organizer is FULLY licensed and insured

Our organizers are professional and friendly and have been background checked against an A+plus rated National Criminal Background service. ORGNZE is fully insured.

They know before they go…Interaction expectation

The organizer is fully briefed on the job. Once they clarify your priorities, goals, and parameters, they can work independently. If the organizer has questions, please expect them to ask! And do not hesitate to ask our organizers questions too!

No Surprises- unless it’s a cake or new car, no one likes surprises

Our goal- ‘no surprises’ when we send our final invoice.

We have a four-hour minimum per scheduled session unless agreed upon in advance. Our “timesheet” is GPS based, so we know our employee’s location when they clock in and out. We will only work past the agreed upon hours with your permission - generally within +/- 15 minutes.

When there is an hour left, we will check in with you to let you know what we’ve accomplished and what we think we can complete in the allotted time. Additional hours must be approved and confirmed with the office. Please text or call the office at 833-843-9871.

Our hours are a good faith estimate based on the agreed upon information available at the time of booking. We will let you know immediately if we think it will take more time and you can decide how you’d like to proceed. Our success is based on our honesty and integrity; we are as careful as possible in this process, but don’t know exact details until we get started. Our organizers work quickly and efficiently.

Do I need to buy anything beforehand? Storage boxes and hangars are helpful!

PLEASE have PLENTY of hangars if we are doing closets.

We are happy to recommendations for storage items and order and ship them in advance. We charge $25.00 for any online shopping services, plus the cost of the items.

We can also shop for you in person for our standard hourly rate, plus the cost of the items. The fee for in- store pick up is ½ hour of time. Please note -there is no mark up what we buy and provide receipts. Supplies are not included in hourly rate.

You did a great job… how do I pay you ?

Thanks for asking. We are a small business and appreciate prompt payment. We bill at the end of the week and appreciate prompt payment. You will receive a link to pay via a secured 3rd party payment system. We also accept checks. No cash please.

Our fees are per person per hour at the agreed upon rate, plus supplies or travel if quoted. For example, if we schedule two people for 10 hours, you can expect five hours of on-site time. We offer discounts for large jobs, just ask in advance.


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